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Microhydrin and other RBC products
available at wholesale prices!

Microhydrin dietary supplement is a safe, uniquely-formulated antioxidant that can help:

  • increase your energy and endurance*
  • reduce soreness after exercise*
  • improve saliva pH and urine pH*
  • improve intracellular hydration*
  • improve cellular oxygenation*
  • enhance your ability to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins*

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If you prefer to order online, select from the following (click links to view Adobe pdf flyer with product details):

Click item name to view pdf fact sheet Order online
(powerful antioxidant protection)
buy microhydrin now
60 caps
buy microhydrin now
120 caps
microhydrin now
240 caps
Microhydrin Plus
(broad-spectrum antioxidant)
buy microhydrin plus
60 caps
buy microhydrin plus
120 caps
buy microhydrin plus
240 caps
(nourishes our bone marrow, enabling it to increase production of stem cells)
buy stem-kine
200 caps
Cola Vada Plus
(3-phase total body cleanse)
buy cola vada plus
14-day program
MicroBrite Tooth Powder buy microbrite tooth powder
3.5 oz
(also available in discounted 4-packs)
buy truealoe cranberry
32 oz
(16 servings)
buy truealoe peach
32 oz
(16 servings)
buy truealoe natural flavor
32 oz
(16 servings)
(for immune & digestive support)
buy rbc vitealoe
5.3 oz (30 servings)
Spirulina Tablets
(also avail. in capsules and powder)
buy RBC Spirulina
200 tablets
buy RBC Spirulina
500 tablets
Immune 360
(powerful immune support supplement)
buy immune 360
60 caps (30 servings)
(antioxidant beverage)
buy oliviva drink
30 fluid oz (30 servings)

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To assure that you get the freshest products, all orders are shipped directly to you from RBC. And, all orders come with a full, 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Antioxidant Foods
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60 day Microhydrin satisfaction guarantee

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Microhydrin capsules